Minorities in Aviation Education Act of 2018 (HR 6005, 115th Congress)

Policy Details

Policy Details

Originating Entity
Date of Last Action
Jun 6 2018
Congressional Session
115th Congress
Date Introduced
Jun 5 2018
Publication Date
Aug 28 2018
Date Made Public
Jun 5 2018

SciPol Summary

HR 6005 calls for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide funding for higher education institutions, as well as state and local agencies, to train and educate minority students for aviation-related fields including the operation and management of unmanned aerial systems. The provision and/or improvement of training and education opportunities (including internships, career exploration, and post-graduate studies preparation) would be funded via grants and managed by the FAA under what would be called the “Bessie Coleman Aviation Education Program”. Total funding for this program would amount to $5,000,000 dollars dispersed through 2023 by the FAA.

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