Frank Lautenberg Memorial Secure Chemical Facilities Act (HR 59, 115th Congress)

The Policy

What it does

Enhances security practices at chemical facilities.


HR 59, the Frank Lautenberg Memorial Secure Chemical Facilities Act, enhances the security of chemical facilities. 

This bill amends the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to set forth provisions for the regulation of security practices at chemical facilities. 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is authorized to designate: (1) any chemical substance as a substance of concern and establish and adjust the threshold quantity for each such substance after considering the potential extent of death, injury, and serious adverse effects that could result from a chemical facility terrorist incident; and (2) a chemical facility as a covered chemical facility if DHS determines such facility is a sufficient security risk.


The Science

Science Synopsis

Nanomaterials are many thousands of times smaller than the unaided human eye can see and have properties that are different than in a larger scale structure, such as increased strength, less mass, and enhanced chemical reactivity. Currently, nanomaterials are often defined as being in the size range of 1 - 100 nanometer (nm) in at least one dimension. Nanomaterials are made up of "chemical substances or chemical mixtures", however not all chemical substances or mixtures are defined as nanomaterials. ‘What is a nanomaterial’, as of yet, has not been defined either nationally nor internationally. However, they will someday perhaps be defined in terms of their unique characteristics

The Debate