Establishing the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee (Executive Order 13885)

Policy Details

Policy Details

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Published in Federal Register
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Sep 5 2019
Date Introduced
Sep 5 2019
Publication Date
Sep 5 2019

SciPol Summary

Executive Order 13885 establishes the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee in accordance with the National Quantum Initiative Act of December 2018. That law, which aims to accelerate and promote quantum science research and applications for economic benefits and national security of the US, states that the President must establish the Advisory Committee and appoint its members. This Executive Order and its provisions are thus the fulfillment of those requirements

The Committee, required to meet twice per year, will use interdisciplinary and interdepartmental approaches to advise the Secretary of Energy and the Quantum Information Science Subcommittee within the National Science and Technology Council on issues and policy related to quantum science. To inform policy on quantum science, they are required to compile information and advice from stakeholders in quantum science, such as researchers, the private sector, executive departments and agencies, and state and local governments. The Committee will report every other year on recent trends, research, and technological advancement in the field of quantum science and recommend revisions or improvements to the National Quantum Initiative Program.

The Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy will serve as a co-chair for the Committee; the Secretary of Energy will appoint the Committee’s members and appoint one of those members to serve as co-chair. Committee members must have a grasp on quantum information science and technology, and will include members from universities, industry, and other federal agencies.

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