NIST Nomination Deadline: Candidate Algorithms for Lightweight Cryptographic Standards

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) solicits nominations from any interested party for candidate algorithms to be considered for lightweight cryptographic standards. In recent years, there has been increased demand for cryptographic standards that are tailored for constrained devices. NIST has decided to create a portfolio of lightweight cryptographic algorithms, designed for limited use in applications and environments where cryptographic operations are performed by constrained devices that are unable to use existing NIST standards.

The submission requirements and the minimum acceptability requirements of a “complete and proper” candidate algorithm submission, as well as the evaluation criteria that will be used to appraise the candidate algorithms, can be found on the NIST Computer Security Resource Center website at:​Projects/​Lightweight-Cryptography.

Algorithms may be submitted electronically to, or by mail. More information on submission packages can be found at this Federal Register notice.