With some tweaks, CAR-T cancer therapy could be made safer — and more widely available — study suggests

STAT – In a small clinical trial, patients treated with a slightly modified version of an approved CAR-T saw benefits on par with previous studies but with none of the hallmark side effects that can leave some patients hospitalized and in need of costly extra treatments.

A monkey born from frozen testicular tissue offers fertility hope to pediatric cancer survivors

STAT – Cancer treatments like chemotherapy can wipe out sperm production, so men who want to one day have children sometimes freeze some before they undergo treatment. Boys who haven’t gone through puberty don’t have that option. An estimated 30 percent of childhood cancer survivors will be infertile.

FDA labels Duke researchers' device to help extract brain tumors a 'breakthrough'

The Duke Chronicle – A tumor removal tool created at Duke was recently designated a “Breakthrough Device" by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This device—called the "Tumor Monorail"—was designed by the Bellamkonda Lab. It works by mimicking the white matter fibers in the brain to trick tumors into moving to locations more accessible by surgeons.