Apple Wants Equal Treatment for New Entrants to Automated Vehicles

iClarified – Apple has submitted a letter to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding the proposed Federal Automated Vehicles Policy. The company asks that new entrants to the automated vehicle market be treated equal to established car manufacturers.

Finding a way through PTSD that doesn’t rely on drugs

The Washington Post – Boulder Crest, a post-deployment retreat for service members, believe they have hit upon a unique approach for addressing combat trauma. And they believe it is superior to the classical psychological interventions.

To Cure Crop Disease Faster, Add Bugs

MIT Technology Review – Scientists might soon be able to transform wilting, diseased crops into healthy ones by releasing colonies of benign insects onto a field.

Grab Bag Of Goodies In 21st Century Cures Act

Kaiser Health News – A sprawling health bill expected to pass the Senate and become law before the end of the year is a grab bag for industries that spent plenty of money lobbying to make sure it happened that way.

Volvo Autonomous Pilot Study Begins in Sweden

Claims Journal – The first large scale project for self-driving cars recently kicked off in Gothenburg, Sweden. Drive Me, a public autonomous driving experiment began in September with the completion of the first autonomous Volvo XC90 SUV.

What Is “Military Artificial Intelligence”?

Slate – It’s harder to define than you might think—and that has consequences.

Tesla urged to stop using word 'autopilot'

Silicon Valley Business Journal – A California-based consumer advocacy group is urging the state to crack down on Tesla’s use of the words "autopilot" and “self-driving”, saying the terms mislead consumers into believing the feature is safer than it actually is.

Trump’s pick for transportation secretary could be good for companies with self-driving ambitions

recode – Donald Trump will reportedly nominate Elaine Chao — the former secretary of labor under the Bush administration — to be the Department of Transportation secretary.

Washington state lawmakers grapple with coming wave of self-driving vehicles

GeekWire – Washington state legislators have wondered how to regulate automated vehicles. These unanswered questions popped up when the State's House technology and transportation committees were briefed on issues related to automated vehicles.

Cadillac Super Cruise self-driving system coming in 2017

Motor Authority – It’s been over four years since GM announced plans for a self-driving system for its Cadillac brand known as Super Cruise. Super Cruise is now expected to debut on a Cadillac model in 2017.

The Mercury Crisis

FRONTLINE – The Peruvian gold rush has done more than just transform the landscape of a section of the Amazon that’s about twice the size of New York City. Mercury used in the mining process to help make flecks of gold bind together has caused a health crisis.

Perspective: Neuroscience Has Been a Tool of War From the Start

The Conversation – Recent neuroscientific breakthroughs have been propelled by military research within a broader context of rapid neuroscientific development, driven by massive government-funded projects in both America and the European Union.