The Atlantic — As genetic testing has gained popularity, genetic counsels have the job of interpreting the genetics tests for patients as well as advising on medical treatmetns. 

Times Free Press – Business and environmental groups involved with the coalition Tennesseans for Solar Choice are pointing to low quarterly growth to claim the agency is making it clear its solar program is mismanaged, has stalled or is completely broken.

Politico —Litigation payoff from the opioid crisis is paying out in huge number. Public health experts hope that money will not be squandered like the money from the tobacco settlements.

The Next Web – The US and China are leagues ahead of any other country when it comes to AI technology. And it’s because they know how to prioritize their own programs.

Nano and Other Emerging Chemical Technologies Blog — The European Union Observatory for Nanomateriels is working on a campaign to develop web based tools for chemical legislation requirements for nanomaterials. 

Gizmodo – People living in Vermont actually became less distrustful of GMOs following a temporary state law that mandated a simple labeling system, especially when compared to people living in the rest of the country.

NBC News — Researchers have found trace amounts of an opioid painkiller in mussels which could affect fish in the area. 

FierceBiotech – While panel votes are not binding, the FDA usually follows committee recommendations. And this setback is just the latest for the troubled opioid.

The New York Times — Three months before she was born, Elianna Constantino has recieved five blood transfusion and a bone-marrow transsplant to treat her alpha thalassemia major.

Scientific American / E&E News – Some federal appeals court judges aren’t happy with EPA’s pace in either repealing or replacing the Clean Power Plan.

STAT — The National Institutes of Health (NIH) wants your DNA, and the DNA of 1 million other Americans, for an ambitious project called All of Us, however, the NIH is not yet able to protect genetic privacy.

Futurism —  the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved golden rice and deemed it safe to eat. This makes us the fourth nation to give the rice a thumbs up. And maybe, after three decades of debate, the tide of public opinion is turning in favor of genetically modified crops.