Workshop: Neuroforensics: Exploring the Legal Implications of Emerging Neurotechnologies

To better understand the potential impact of emerging neurotechnologies on the legal system, the Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders, in collaboration with the Committee on Science, Technology, and the Law (CSTL), will plan and conduct a one day public workshop bringing together leaders from academia, judicial and law enforcement systems, industry, government and regulatory agencies, non-profit foundations and other stakeholders to explore and advance efforts to identify and evaluate the potential effects of emerging neurotechnologies on the legal system.

Workshop Objectives:                                                                                                                      

  • Provide an overview of current state-of-the-art neurotechnologies relevant to the legal systems, and the use and impact of neuroscience evidence in the legal system.
  • Explore emerging neurotechnologies—including methods for observing or manipulating the central nervous system and the genetics of cognition and behavior—and their potential implications and use by law enforcement, the courts, administrative proceedings, regulatory agencies and others.
  • Consider the potential use of large genetics databases and behavioral genetics by the legal system.
  • Discuss the ethical and societal considerations associated with the use of neuroscience evidence in criminal, administrative, and other judicial proceedings.
  • Highlight topics at the nexus of emerging neurotechnologies and the law for further study, such as potential opportunities for developing standards for using evidence from emerging neurotechnologies in the legal system and identifying potential stakeholders across sectors that may be impacted by this multidisciplinary area

More information available at The National Academies of Sciences.

SciPol Editors' Note: Dr. Nita Farahany, a member of the planning committee for this meeting, is the Director of Duke University's Initiative for Science and Society, the parent organization for SciPol.

Event Date
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 8:00am