Volkswagen Boosts Battery Research Using Quantum Computing

The Drive – The development of high-performance batteries for electric vehicles is a tedious and complicated affair. And the automaker that produces the longest lasting batteries, not counting Energizer and its famous bunny, will have the biggest advantage in this long and challenging race for EV dominance. Having identified all these hurdles Volkswagen Group, much like Daimler, is now using quantum computing to push the envelope of new battery technology.

Volkswagen boffins have succeeded in simulating lithium-hydrogen molecules and carbon chains using a quantum computer, which is especially relevant for the development of batteries in high-performance electric vehicles. Now, the focus has shifted onto more complex chemical compounds. Their objective being, to simulate the chemical structure of a complete electric vehicle battery on a quantum computer and to develop a “tailor-made battery,” in a configurable chemical blueprint that is ready for production.

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A Volkswagen Jetta on the showroom floor
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