Training for Artificial Intelligence in Warfare

US News and World Report – Artificial intelligence, or AI, seems to be everywhere. Home computers and smartphones now possess speech recognition. Social media platforms are able to tag and label faces and geographic locations. Companies are moving fast to develop vehicles with self-driving capabilities. This type of intelligence exhibited by machines has invaded most activities and new discoveries are constantly announced as part of a global trend to automate as much of our lives as possible.

With technology rapidly evolving, governments are taking a closer look at AI as a way to further their strategic interests. One such area, national defense, is sparking debate.

In the past two years, the U.S. government has sponsored six studies on the future role of artificial intelligence in governance and national security, a Harvard report shows. Meanwhile, China and Russia have just announced they are investing in a startup that aims to perfect facial recognition in order to identify potential crimes and threats before they actually occur, according to Bloomberg. The European Council of Foreign Relations says 90 countries now have military drones and 11 have armed drones. All but three EU states have military drones.

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