SyncThink uses VR to accurately diagnose concussions in just one minute

Digital Trends – Here in 2017, fortunately everyone realizes the severity of concussions, referring to a traumatic head injury that results in the temporary loss of brain function. But while there is plenty of awareness, we are still trying to come up with the best way of diagnosing them when they happen.

From smart mouth guards to brain-testing audio exams, we previously covered a few of the potential solutions. An alternative approach, however, is the one dreamed up by Boston-based neuro-technology and eye-tracking startup SyncThink. Their answer? A patented virtual reality system that promises to be able to recognize concussion in just one minute, while being used in the field.

The idea is simple: Pop the headset on a person suspected of having a concussion and see if they are able to properly perform an eye-tracking test. If not, the cloud-connected analytics platform will alert the user (and anyone else who needs alerting) that a likely head injury has been suffered.

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