Self-driving cars continue to face little resistance from the federal government

The Verge – The US Department of Transportation convened a “listening session” on autonomous vehicles at its headquarters in Washington, DC, last week — and the key word here is “listening.” It was a chance for the private sector and federal and state regulators to get together to talk about the future, in which human driving becomes passé and driverless cars become the dominant form of transportation.

Most people are still highly skeptical about self-driving cars, but if the government was at all nervous about the coming revolution in driverless technology, it didn’t show. In speech after speech, public officials emphasized the extreme laissez-faire approach they were taking to self-driving cars that they’ve been espousing for several years now. This technology must be allowed to progress unencumbered by government rules, they argue. All guidance would be completely voluntary, and anything that could be perceived as a mandate or a requirement was dismissed as an impediment to innovation.

“We are not in the business — we don’t know how — to pick the best technology or to pick the winners,” said Elaine Chao, secretary of transportation. “We’re not in the business of picking winners or losers. The market will decide what is the most effective solution.”

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Autonomous car by Google.
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