Perspective: On the March

Genome (Misha Angrist) [abridged] – I suspect most Genome readers probably already know about The March for Science, which will take place in Washington D.C. (among other places) on Earth Day — April 22, 2017.

That so many do know about it is fairly remarkable. On Inauguration Day, in response to growing signs of the incoming administration’s hostility toward science, someone named beaverteeth92 posted an idle comment on Reddit: “There needs to be a Scientists’ March on Washington.”

From this single beat of beaverteeth92’s butterfly wings has sprung a massive movement. […]

[But] I have no expectations that a gathering of hundreds of thousands of scientists will lead to systemic change. […] So, why not listen to the naysayers, put our heads down, go back to our labs and classrooms, write our grants, teach our courses, do our experiments, administrate our administrations? Why not, in the interests of science, stay in our lanes?

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Image citation: Martha Soukup, CC BY 2.0

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