Nomination Deadline: EPA Science Advisory Board and Standing Committees

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) invites nominations of scientific experts from a diverse range of disciplines to be considered for appointment to the EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) and four SAB committees.

The chartered SAB provides strategic advice to the EPA Administrator on a variety of EPA science and research programs. The SAB Staff Office invites the nomination of experts to serve on the chartered SAB in the following scientific disciplines as they relate to human health and the environment: Analytical chemistry; benefit-cost analysis; causal inference; complex systems; ecological sciences and ecological assessment; economics; engineering; geochemistry; health sciences; hydrology; hydrogeology; medicine; microbiology; modeling; pediatrics; public health; risk assessment; social, behavioral and decision sciences; statistics; toxicology; and uncertainty analysis.

The SAB Staff Office is especially interested in scientists in the disciplines described above who have knowledge and experience in air quality; agricultural sciences; atmospheric sciences; benefit-cost analysis; complex systems; drinking water; energy and the environment; epidemiological risk analyses; water quality; water quantity and reuse; ecosystem services; community environmental health; sustainability; chemical safety; green chemistry; homeland security; and waste management.

The SAB Staff Office is also seeking nominations of experts for possible vacancies on four SAB committees: The Agricultural Science Committee, the Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee; the Drinking Water Committee; and the Radiation Advisory Committee.

Members of the public may submit nominations at the EPA website. More information is available at this Federal Register notice.

Event Date
Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - 5:00pm