NIH working group: All of Us program should begin as pilot study

Healthcare IT News – The National Institute of Health’s All of Us genomic program should take a phased approach to genomic analysis, building the program in a systemic way before it attempts to reach 1 million participants, according to a recent report from the program’s Genomic Working Group.

The Genomics Working Group was set up by All of Us in June 2017 to assess different options for genomic analysis of participant samples. The group took into account the program scale, costs and the potential research value.

Report authors determined whole-genome sequencing would provide the most potential value for research -- although the process would cost more and cause some scalability challenges. As a result, the program should begin genotyping and whole-genome sequencing on only a few participants to start.

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Researcher extracting DNA from a micro pipette tube.
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Maggie Bartlett, NHGRI