Neuroscience – SciPol Daily, 26 May 2017

Forbes  – Perspective: Why Successful Post-Season Runs Make People Lose Their Minds About Concussions

“As a new report from the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University reminds us, the ‘varied diagnostic criteria and the ability of players to hide symptoms” means “concussion rates are likely higher than the reported statistics.’”

MedCity News  – Undeterred by late-stage failure, Merck licenses a new Alzheimer's asset - MedCity News

Either you believe amyloid-beta is a central cause of the disease, or you point the finger at tau tangles in the brain. On Thursday, Merck took the stance of an independent by licensing a preclinical anti-tau antibody from Tokyo, Japan-based Teijin PharmaThis adds to Merck’s existing Alzheimer’s candidate verubecestat, which tries to prevent the build-up of amyloid-beta by targeting an enzyme known as BACE1. It’s a long game. Teijin Pharma has done the preclinical heavy lifting on the anti-tau antibody; it’s now up to Merck to move it into the clinic.

The Scientist –  Tracing Zika’s Spread Through Genetics

DNA sequencing reveals that the virus responsible for the recent outbreak in the Americas originated in Brazil in 2014 and circulated undetected for months before the first cases were reported.

USA Today – Roster exemptions for players with concussions could draw vote from NFL owners

NFL owners could vote Tuesday on a measure that would create a roster exemption for players with concussions, similar to baseball's seven-day disabled list rule, but it seems unlikely to pass without additional time for discussion. 

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