The Military Should Teach AI to Watch Drone Footage

Wired – When the US Air Force deployed Gorgon Stare, a drone video system that consists of 368 cameras covering nearly 40 square miles at a time, in 2011, an official declared, “we can see everything.” The technology, named after snake-haired mythological creatures whose gazes turn people to stone, can surveil an area for hours at a time, take composite images of 1.8 billion pixels each, and create several terabytes of data every minute.

According to its latest 25-year unmanned systems roadmap, the Pentagon operates more than 11,000 drones, and the vast majority of them conduct video surveillance. In 2011 alone, the US Air Force amassed over 325,000 hours of drone video—that’s about 37 years of video gathered by one military service in one calendar year, and that was six years ago.

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