March for Science 2018: Passionate advocates push the cause for research across the globe

USA TODAY – Thousands on the National Mall on Saturday marched past the Environmental Protection Agency and to the U.S. Capitol to advocate for science to play a larger role in society — and stressed how research already ripples through a slew of issues from guns to immigration.

"What do we want? Science. When do we want it? After peer review," the crowd of science researchers, medical professionals and social advocates chanted as they donned lab coats and held signs that "Science Not Silence" on a summer-like April day.

The science advocates in the nation's capital for the second annual March for Science were joining 500 marches worldwide to send one clear message to public officials: that evidence-based policy decisions are critical and science should not be ignored.  

Cliff Andrew, 71, a part-time assistant professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins, emphasized the role of evidence underpinning other political issues beyond science advocacy.

"We live our lives in science, but we don't always push it politically and that's extremely important," Andrew said.

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Participants in the March for Science gathering in front of the White House
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