Interview: NIH All of Us program gearing up for 'precision engagement,' Eric Dishman says

Healthcare IT News – It may seem overhyped at the moment. And its technical and clinical complexities are certainly way beyond the grasp of most hospitals. But precision medicine has enormous promise – more than we may yet even realize – for transforming the way care is delivered to patients.

Eric Dishman is working as hard as anyone to turn that promise into reality. More than once he has been called the "Face of Precision Medicine." As director of the All of Us Research Program at the National Institutes of Health, he is leading the cohort creation for one of the biggest and most ambitious research initiatives ever: the Precision Medicine Initiative launched by President Obama in 2015.

Dishman's goal is to enlist 1 million Americans – "from all walks of life and parts of the country" – as a representative group that can help researchers draw new insights into the ways genomics vary across diverse patient populations.

That's a tall order. But he says he's confident that he and his NIH colleagues will be able to overcome substantial clinical, technological, social and political challenges to making it happen.

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