How AI and autonomy will usher in a new age for car insurance

Readwrite – When an autonomous vehicle causes an accident – who is liable for the fault? Given the passengers are not in control of the vehicle, it would make sense for the autonomous system designer to be holding the liability. At a high-level, autonomous vehicles conceptually disrupt traditional insurance.

Tesla looking to bundle insurance with new vehicle purchases seems to suggest this is the path auto insurance is going. However, even without control of a vehicle, the passengers in the vehicle still have one large influence over a potential accident happening – they control when the vehicle is driving.

Even with the perfect driving system, variables such as weather or maintenance condition can cause an increased chance of and accidents. Once connected vehicle technology gets to the point where increased risk situations can be forecasted based on geography, should the passengers start having liability due to increased risk?

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Dino Kužnik, CC BY 2.0