Graduate Founds Company, Neurovice

Ashlyn Sanders graduated from Duke Graduate School in 2015 with a Master of Arts in Bioethics and Science policy. Just one year later she founded her own company, Nuerovice. 

In her bio for the Duke Institute for Science and Society's webpage, Sanders wrote: "While an undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill, I focused my studies in mathematics. At the same time, I have always had an interest in problem solving in the clinical setting as it relates to challenging cases involving patients and healthcare professionals. This interest sparked my desire to pursue the MA in Bioethics & Science Policy at Duke. I wanted to explore the unique complexities of healthcare and how those operated within the larger medicolegal and sociopolitical contexts. While enrolled in the program, I am focusing on the intersection between medical ethics and science policy. My thesis work will explore risk communication in the clinical setting, which is an integral part of bioethics and policy. After graduation, I plan to serve as an analyst for a presidential campaign and then to continue my pre-medical studies." 

After graduating, Sanders went on to found NeuroVice in 2016—a company that aims to create devices to improve the lives of people with neurological disorders. Nuerovice focuses on creating innovative symptom-management technology that improves the patient experience. For example, Sanders and her team are currently raising money to produce the final prototype of a tongue protector called P.A.T.I. P.A.T.I., an Oral Device For Seizures and Dyskinesias, is a structural and functional solution that prevent symptoms of tongue biting and hypersalivation. Sanders hopes to eventually license the prototype to a larger medical technology company. 

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