DOE pushing small modular coal plant development

Utility Dive – The Department of Energy wants the private sector to help it develop small modular coal-fired power plants, a senior DOE official told reporters at a Houston energy conference this week. 

The comments reinforce a goal in DOE's budget justification document that would see the agency develop at least two designs of small or modular coal plants — without carbon capture — by 2022. The budget requests $175 million to meet that goal and develop new, higher efficiency coal generators. 

The budget proposal reflects a shift in focus at DOE from carbon capture and storage (CCS) to the development of higher efficiency coal plants without carbon control technologies. Despite the shift, U.S. utilities overwhelmingly say they are not likely to develop new coal generators. 

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Interior view of a coal power plant
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Derrick Mealiffe, CC BY-SA 2.0