Comment Deadline: KEMI Swedish Chemicals Agency - regarding commercially produced nanomaterials for registration and inventory purposes

Nanomaterials have been without explicit regulation and been excluded from Sweden's national chemical inventory for information tracking purposes and as such there exists a need for a better overview of the market in order to assess any potential need for further action. Comments are being accepted from the public. The development of new nanomaterials is fast and the industry is growing rapidly. Nanomaterials can be used within a wide range of applications. Due to their size, nanomaterials exhibit special properties, unlike the same material at the bulk scale. Several previous reports have indicated a need for knowledge regarding the use of nanomaterials and the quantities concerned. Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) Nano Register Regulation of nanomaterials is for the purpose of information gathering and in no way implies specific danger to health or environment.  

Event Date
Friday, March 24, 2017 - 5:00pm