Comment Deadline: EPA Pesticide Experimental Use Permit

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has received an application 93167-EUP-R from Oxitec Ltd. requesting an experimental use permit (EUP) for the OX513A Aedes aegypti mosquitoes expressing tetracycline Trans-Activator Variant (tTAV) protein. The Agency has determined that the permit may be of regional and national significance. Therefore, because of the potential significance, EPA is seeking comments on this application.

Oxitec Ltd. is proposing to test OX513A Aedes aegypti mosquitoes expressing tTAV protein in the states of Florida and Texas on up to 1125 total acres at a maximum rate of 0.0017 g active ingredient (tTAV), equivalent to 45,000 male OX513A mosquitoes, per acre per week. The proposed experiments are to evaluate the efficacy of OX513A mosquitoes as a tool for suppression of wild Aedes aegypti mosquito populations.

Members of the public may submit comments by mail, by fax, or at More information is available via the Federal Register notice. On May 8, 2018, the EPA reopened and extended the comment deadline, as noticed in the Federal Register.

Event Date
Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 5:00pm