Comment Deadline: DOT Automation in the Railroad Industry

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) requests information and comment on the future of automation in the railroad industry. FRA is interested in hearing from industry stakeholders, the public, local and State governments, and any other interested parties on the extent to which they believe railroad operations can (and should) be automated, and the potential benefits, costs, risks, and challenges to achieving such automation. FRA also seeks comment on how the agency can best support the railroad industry's development and implementation of new and emerging technologies in automation that will lead to continuous safety improvements and increased efficiencies in railroad operations.

Although FRA seeks comments and relevant information and data on all issues related to the development and continued implementation of automated train systems and technologies and potentially fully autonomous train operations, FRA specifically requests comment and data in response to questions in the following topics: Safety and/or Security Issues, Infrastructure, Workforce Viability, Legal/Regulatory Issues and Opportunities for Joint Government/Industry Cooperation.

More information available at Federal Register.

Event Date
Monday, May 7, 2018 - 10:30am