CDC urges doctors to screen for Zika-related epilepsy in infants born to infected moms

Miami Herald – Federal health officials writing in a medical journal on Monday urged doctors to be on the lookout for Zika-related seizures and epilepsy among infants born to mothers infected with the virus while pregnant.

Citing recent studies that found seizures and epilepsy reported in some infants exposed to Zika while in the womb, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that cases of epilepsy caused by the virus may be misdiagnosed or under reported.

Health officials have known that Zika increases a pregnant woman’s chances of having a fetus or baby with a brain abnormality, such as microcephaly, and other neurological disorders associated with the virus, which attacks neural tissue.

Zika’s effects on a developing brain are similar to those of other central nervous system infections associated with epilepsy, according to the CDC, whose article cited two research reports conducted in Brazil in 2016 that suggest a link.

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