The billionaire behind the world’s first genetically modified salmon

The Guardian – If you want to sample the world’s first animal to be genetically engineered in the name of dinner, good luck finding it. If, on the other hand, you would never eat such a thing – good luck avoiding it.

Tons of lab-developed salmon was sold in Canada last year without any packaging labeling it as a product of science, and the company that created and raises the fish, AquaBounty, won’t release the names of food distributors it sells to.

Giant restaurant supply companies, such as Sysco, deny ever having carried the product. Grocery store chains far and wide – including Costco, Sobeys and Loblaws – say they have not, and will not, stock it. Restaurants Canada, the industry group for the country’s food service industry, says it has not heard any chatter about the fish.

At least five of the 121,000 tons of salmon farmed in Canada last year was genetically modified, engineered to grow faster and with less food. To shoppers – given no prior warning or labelling information – the product would be impossible to distinguish from regular salmon. Labeling for genetically modified foods is not required by law in the US or Canada.

But where, exactly, did the company sell it?

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Salmon swimming around