Autonomous-Tech Suppliers Want Regulation, Clearer Marketing

WardsAuto – It’s not often a business sector asks to be subject to federal regulations, but given several high-profile accidents with vehicles using autonomous or semi-autonomous technologies, that day seems to have arrived for autonomous-tech suppliers.

“I think when it comes down to making sure we are making this technology as safe as we can possibly make it, we have to have confidence when you put it out there that it has passed a gauntlet of tests,” Jada Smith, vice president-advanced engineering and external relations for Aptiv tells media here at an automotive lidar backgrounder.

Smith advocates for smart rule-making though, noting certification shouldn’t just be a matter of racking up miles on vehicles with autonomous technology, but needing to determine, with a certain amount of repeatability, what scenarios they have successfully accomplished. Suggested scenarios include an unprotected left turn (yielding to oncoming traffic at a green light) or crossing a busy pedestrian crosswalk.

“Those types of things are what we have to make sure we have supreme confidence in before we (offer autonomous vehicles to the masses),” she says.

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A test of a self-driving car
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