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January 3, 2018

Finding Our Humanity With AI

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US News & World Report - Fears about artificial intelligence have long made great fodder for sci-fi books and movies. But now some of those same fears are starting to influence public policy discussions about real world AI technologies. If such concerns bubble up into a full-blown technopanic, it could undermine AI's life-enriching – and in many cases life-saving – potential.

AI is already at work in our lives every day – in real-time traffic apps, shopping recommendations from online stores, fraud-detection notices from banks and even medical diagnostic tests. But AI holds the potential for an even more profound impact, much of which we cannot even predict in advance.

Critics, however, worry about AI leading to a variety of ills if let out into the wild without regulations already in place. Some fear economic disruptions, including job losses as robots and algorithmic systems get smarter. Others worry about privacy and security implications. Still others worry about how algorithms might discriminate against women and minorities.

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