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June 23rd

Neuroscience – SciPol Weekly, June 17 – June 23

In this week's Neuroscience SciPol Weekly, California's efforts to go after opioid drug makers; sports concussion research in New Zealand and Australia; and how forgetfulness might just be your brain remove "useless" memories.

June 23rd

Robotics / AI – SciPol Weekly, June 17 – June 23

In this week's Robotics / Artificial Intelligence SciPol Weekly, the Mars Curiosity rover operating itself thanks to AI; watching an AI conquer Ms. Pac Man; and how self-driving cars will influence the future of policing.

June 23rd

Uncle Sam Wants Your Deep Neural Networks

The New York Times – The Department of Homeland Security, working with Google, introduced a $1.5 million contest to build computer algorithms that can automatically identify concealed items in images captured by checkpoint body scanners.