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October 16th

The Drug Industry's Triumph Over The DEA

Washington Post – Amid a targeted lobbying effort, Congress weakened the DEA’s ability to go after drug distributors, even as opioid-related deaths continue to rise, a Washington Post and ‘60 Minutes’ investigation finds.

October 15th

Self-driving cars are on a collision course with our cities

The Verge – The self-driving cars are coming, and US cities are totally unprepared for the radical changes that will accompany them. Their roads are crumbling, their public transportation services are out-of-date and over-capacity, and their car traffic is among the worst in the world. 

October 13th

Lawmakers Urge More Action on Opioids

CQ – More than 50 lawmakers testified Wednesday at a House committee hearing on the nation’s opioid epidemic, describing how the crisis has devastated their communities and proposing solutions.

October 12th

Why Commercial Use of Drones Just Hit a Major Setback

Fortune – A critical advisory group on regulating the commercial uses of drones failed to reach a consensus on recommended security safeguards, likely hampering the development of the U.S. market for using larger remote piloted aircraft.