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Federal District Court for the District of Connecticut rules on the scope of the Federal Aviation Administration’s subpoena power relating to unmanned aircraft systems (Huerta v. Haughwout)

  • Government
  • Judicial
  • Robotics/AI

Original Development Brief – Enforces FAA’s administrative subpoenas on the alleged creators of two popular internet videos depicting the use of weaponized unmanned aircraft systems because the FAA had a legitimate purpose and the subpoenas were appropriate in scope.

Updated last February 16, 2018
for the 07/18/2016 decision.

Human Genome Editing: Science, Ethics, and Governance (NASEM Report)

  • Other
  • Genetics/Genomics

Original Development Brief – Examines and provides recommendations on the scientific, ethical, and social issues raised by human genome editing and assesses the capacity of governance systems to ensure the responsible development and use of this technology.

Updated last December 1, 2017
for the 02/14/2017 report.