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NAS/NAM Human Genome Editing: Science, Ethics, and Governance (Report)

  • Other
  • Genetics/Genomics

Presents a broad overview of the potential of genome editing technology in relation to humans and provides recommendations for best practice and regulatory frameworks that could be applied not only in the US but internationally.

Updated last February 24, 2017
for the 02/14/2014 report.

Childhood Cancer STAR Act (HR 820 / S 292, 115th Congress)

  • Government
  • Elected Body
  • Genetics/Genomics

To maximize discovery, and accelerate development and availability, of promising childhood cancer treatments, and for other purposes.

Updated last February 15, 2017
for the 02/02/2017 versions of HR 820 and S 292.

FDA Regulation of Intentionally Altered Genomic DNA in Animals (Draft Guidance)

  • Government
  • Agency
  • Genetics/Genomics

Clarifies FDA’s requirements and recommendations for producers and developers of genetically engineered animals and their products, and expands the scope of the guidance to include animals intentionally altered through use of genome editing techniques.

Updated last January 25, 2017
for the January 2017 Draft Guidance.

Rapid DNA Act of 2017 (HR 510 / S 139, 115th Congress)

  • Government
  • Elected Body
  • Genetics/Genomics

Establishes a system for integration of Rapid DNA instruments for use by law enforcement to reduce violent crime and reduce the current DNA analysis backlog.

Updated last January 30, 2017
for the 01/12/2017 versions of HR 510 and S 139.

American Health Care Reform Act of 2017 (HR 277, 115th Congress)

  • Government
  • Elected Body
  • Genetics/Genomics

Repeals the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and related reconciliation provisions, promotes patient-centered health care, and provides for the creation of a safe harbor for defendants in medical malpractice actions who demonstrate adherence to clinical practice guidelines.

Updated last March 13, 2017
for the 01/04/2017 version of HR 277.