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First Look: FERC Ruling in Calpine v. PJM

  • Government
  • Agency
  • Energy

Affirms that existing PJM capacity market bidding rules must be changed to adequately address subsidized resources, while rejecting two PJM proposals to do so, and suggesting framework around which PJM must adopt new rules.

Updated last August 9, 2018

Environmental Protection Agency's Rule Modifying Coal Ash Disposal Regulations

  • Government
  • Agency
  • Energy

Original Development Brief – Phase I of a planned two-pase modification of a 2015 rule regulating coal ash disposal under RCRA to allow coal ash waste site operators increased regulatory flexibility, diminish monitoring and remediation practices, and reduce federal oversight.

Updated last August 3, 2018
for the 07/17/2018 Final Rule, published in the Federal Register on 7/30/2018.

First Look: NextEra Energy Resources v. FERC

  • Government
  • Judicial
  • Energy

Upholds FERC Orders approving renewables exemption to the minimum price offer rule in New England wholesale power market. 

Updated last August 2, 2018
for the 07/31/2018 D.C. Circuit Decision.