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March 7, 2018 3:00 pm

Webinar: Diagnostics and Therapeutics Advancing Through Nanotechnology

  • Industry
  • Nanotechnology

Join NIA for an open webinar dedicated to nanomedicine. This 90 minute meeting will focus on the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of nanotechnology, with the agenda including:

  • Regulatory landscape in Europe and beyond for nanomaterials in healthcare applications
  • Industry developments within nanomedicine from NIA Members:
    • Endomag - A UK/US SME with minimally-invasive surgical guidance platform using magnetism (magnetised nanoparticles) to improve tissue localisation in surgical oncology
    • Senolytx​ - An ES/US SME developing a nanoparticle-based theraorutic composed of a mesoporous silica scaffold, loaded with the cyctotoxic doxorubin

More details and registration on Nanotechnology Industries Association.