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Research Associate

San Diego, CA
Expiration Date: March 17, 2018

The Policy Design and Evaluation Lab (PDEL) is an international focal point for rigorous empirical research on the interplay of public policy, technology, and economic development.


The mission is to combine advanced social science methodology with the power of information technology to design policies and programs that alleviate poverty; promote health, welfare, and security; and enhance accountability.


The Payments and Governance Research Project will work closely with the Govt. of India to design policy reforms for various subsidy programs and conduct a series of rigorous experimental evaluations of the impact of rolling out these reforms. In addition, the program will create a system for generating high-frequency feedback on implementation performance directly from beneficiaries to top policy makers. Together, these methods represent global best practice in integrating high-quality research and evidence in policy-making. Besides contributing directly to policy formation, they will help to promote a culture of evidence-based decision-making at the heart of the Indian policymaking process.


The Research Associate, under the supervision of Professors Karthik Muralidharan and Paul Niehaus, and in close collaboration with academic researchers and field staff, will work on multiple research projects under the newly launched Payments and Governance Research initiative. Responsibilities include (but not limited to) cleaning and analyzing data, sampling, and randomization. The research associate will participate in making important contributions to the research studies and adhere to the goals of the assigned research programs. Provide research updates and reports to the Principal Investigator and team. Other duties within scope of description.


Please submit a cover letter for complete application.




Bachelor's degree in Economics, Social Sciences, Public Policy, or related field; or, an equivalent combination of knowledge and experience .


Theoretical knowledge in international development, including graduate level work in econometrics .


Strong demonstrated experience with data collection, management and analysis and advanced proficiency in Stata, R, and Matlab. Familiarity with Python.


Advanced computer application skills: MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. to produce high-impact visual depictions of research findings and conclusions for a diverse range of audiences and project stakeholders .


Demonstrated excellent research skills in order to decipher substantive and relevant content for research use. Working knowledge of research study policies and procedures.


Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to identify problems and develop innovative solutions and to compile, synthesize, and interpret data and results.


Excellent interpersonal skills including tact and diplomacy and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.


Demonstrated ability to work independently and cooperatively. Excellent organizational skills with demonstrated ability to prioritize assignments, maintain workflow, and work productively in meeting critical deadlines.



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