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Regulatory Affairs Director

Durham, NC
Expiration Date: May 16, 2018






Line Management responsibilities for a team of Regulatory staff or may be responsible for the performance of one or more Regulatory Affairs sites. Responsible for the development of regulatory business, in accordance with Global Regulatory Affairs business plans. Participates in project-related work, as necessary.




• Manage staff in accordance with organization’s policies and applicable regulations. Responsibilities include planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance and guiding professional development; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing employee relations issues and resolving problems. Approve actions on human resources matters, including salary administration.

• Independently handles personnel issues, conflict management, defines goals that increase knowledge and skills of staff, and defines staff expectations, without involvement of senior managers.

• Assists in the coordination of projects and resources, ensuring quality deliverables to customers.

• May contribute to discussions on implementation of business strategy on a regional basis and will set and implement site-specific objectives, as appropriate. Ensures staff have a consistent understanding and positive impression of strategy for regional and global objectives.

• May have financial responsibility and accountability for one or more Regulatory Affairs sites. Undertakes business development activities and monitors growth and performance, as required.

• May undertake risk analysis and manages the outcome as appropriate.

• Builds strong relationships with managers of other operations and acts as a positive ambassador for Regulatory Affairs.

• May act as a Project Manager for a large stand-alone program, involving several regulatory or technical deliverables and/or region, and/or operation. May provide strategic regulatory and/or technical consultancy on a variety of projects.

• May manage meetings with Regulatory Agencies.

• May write and/or review a complete single service regulatory proposal and defend costs and timelines to clients.

• May plan and deliver workshops or presentations on Regulatory Affairs topics for conferences or publications.

• May be assigned as Reviewer and/or Approver for Regulatory SOPs or cross-functional SOPs owned by other operations.

• May support global regulatory or technical initiatives or act as a regional representative on a cross-functional initiative.

• Performs other duties, as business needs require.


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