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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Post-doctoral fellowship in epigenetics and RNA biology

Chapel Hill, NC
Expiration Date: November 14, 2017

A post-doctoral fellowship is available to study mechanisms of lncRNA-mediated gene regulation in the Calabrese laboratory:

Projects in the lab focus on: mechanisms of RNA-mediated recruitment of Polycomb complexes to chromatin, mechanisms of gene silencing by Xist and Xist-like lncRNAs, mechanisms of lncRNA homeostasis, discovery of novel regulatory RNAs, control of lncRNA regulatory function through cellular signaling pathways, and the study of relationships between lncRNA sequence, structure, and function. The lab uses a combination of genomics, genetics, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, and computational biology to achieve its research objectives. Experimental, computational, and hybrid projects are available.

The most successful candidates will be passionate about making fundamental discoveries in the life sciences, have a strong work ethic, have strong communication skills, have a desire to be a leader in their chosen field, and will enjoy working in a team environment to achieve common research goals.

Motivated scientists who wish to apply should email a CV and a short synopsis of their research interests and accomplishments to Dr. Calabrese (, as well as have three letters of recommendation sent on their behalf.

Eligible post-doctoral fellows are also encouraged to apply for funding through UNC's Cancer Epigenetic Training Program, which was recently awarded support by the NCI:

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