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September 6, 2017

The House approved a bill to put more self-driving cars on U.S. roads — but the Senate will be another story

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Recode – The U.S. House approved a bill on Wednesday that could soon pave the way for Ford, Google, Uber and other companies to deploy hundreds of thousands of new self-driving cars on the country’s roads.

But the measure isn’t yet law — it still has to survive the slow-moving Senate, where lawmakers continue to wrangle over fine policy details and already seem overwhelmed with a heavy legislative workload this fall.

For now, though, it’s all good news. In a city increasingly wracked by partisan divides, Democrats and Republicans managed to band together on a bill, called the SELF-DRIVE Act, that aims to allow automakers and tech giants to eventually test as many as 100,000 experimental autonomous vehicles annually.

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