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HR 589, the Department of Energy Research and Innovation Act, establishes Department of Energy policy for science and energy research and development programs, and reforms National Laboratory management and technology transfer programs based on national needs relevant to the statutory missions of the Department of Energy. This act would permit the directors of the National Laboratories to use funds authorized to support technology transfer within the Department to promote development of commercially viable technologies through removal of barriers that limit private sector interest to expand usage of technologies arising from National Laboratory activities. Additionally, the pace of clean energy innovation would be accelerated by supporting existing research and development programs at the Department and the world-class National Laboratories as well as exploring and developing new pathways for innovators, investors, and decision-makers to work collaboratively toward sustainable technology research and development in the private sector, eventually resulting in the ability to withdraw government support and ensure that taxpayer investments will be maximized. Finally, information will be provided through a publicly searchable database regarding relevant literature and patents arising from the Department of Energy's funded research and development projects, contracts, or grants.