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Cybersecurity Strategy Consultant

Annapolis Junction, MD
Expiration Date: April 12, 2018

The Cyber Task Force (CTF) supports national cybersecurity policy-making and decision-making processes. The CTF stood up in 2007 in recognition of the emerging cyber challenges facing the nation, and the pending implementation of the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI). Since 2008, Noblis-NSP provides critical cybersecurity, interagency, national-level, and DoD policy and process support, expertise and connectivity for the CTF .

The Cybersecurity Strategy Consultant - National and international Policy shall provide consulting services in support of senior U.S. Government leaders and assist the U.S. Government in support of its cybersecurity strategic initiatives, from the development of policy to coordination of activities and events.He/she shall also coordinate on documenting policies and processes, group activities, and interdependencies related to the White House National security Staff (NSS) and the 20+ Departments and Agencies comprising the Interagency Community.


The Level 2 Cybersecurity Strategy Consultant - National And International Policy shall possess the following capabilities:

  • Draft summary planning documentation to support Video Teleconference (VTC) or teleconference engagements and weekly support updates designed to track time sensitive tasking and cybersecurity related business within and external to our customer.
  • Facilitate and support strategic planning sessions aimed at identifying and prioritizing cybersecurity initiatives and challenges for our customer.
  • Consolidate input from across customer and Interagency contributors to draft Cybersecurity products (e.g. documents, briefings) for group review and finalization.
  • Research and advise CTF and JCE leadership on concepts and ideas for advancing Cybersecurity that shapes future national-level Cybersecurity policy.
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